Training and Development

Non-violent Crisis Intervention℠ Training – Continuing Care Sector


 Non-violent Crisis Intervention℠ Training – 2021-2022

With funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council (the Council) is pleased to continue to provide Non-violent Crisis Intervention℠ (NVCI) training to the Continuing Care sector.

Why is NVCI℠ training necessary for organizations and staff?

NVCI℠ can help decrease workplace violence and help employers meet their responsibilities under the Nova Scotia Violence in the Workplace regulations.

NVCI℠ training equips staff with skills to recognize the stages of an escalating crisis and evidence-based techniques to de-escalate situations appropriately.  This program also provides staff with safety intervention skills, giving staff the confidence and competence to manage escalating behaviour.

NVCI℠ Program Delivery

Due to COVID-19, the Council has had to adapt the delivery of its training programs. Currently, NVCI℠ is being delivered in two phases.

  1. Phase One – NVCI – Verbal Intervention will be delivered virtually using an instructor-led training model and will use the Zoom Video Conferencing platform for online learning.
    1. Program duration – 3.5 hours in length.
    2. The maximum number of participants per session is 15.
  1. Phase Two – NVCI℠ Safety Interventions and Disengagement Skills
    1. Will be delivered face to face in a classroom format.
    2. Phase Two will be scheduled for a future date.

Who can take this training?

  1. NVCI – Verbal Intervention training is available to organizations within the continuing care sector (long-term care facilities, home support organization). It is open to all staff within the organization.

What is the cost and who offers this training?

  1. NVCI℠ training is offered through the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council. The Department and Health and Wellness fund the training. There is no cost to the organization or staff participating in this program.

When will this training take place?

  1. The NVCI- Verbal Intervention Instructor-Led Virtual Training is currently being scheduled.
  2. Training will start in May 2021
  3. Registration is currently open for organizations with interest in NVCI℠

How do I register staff for this program?

  1. The NVCI℠ training schedule from May to December 2021 is attached. Please contact Morah MacEachern, NVCI℠ Project Coordinator at to register staff.