Health Care Human Resource Sector Council


The Health Care Human Resource Sector Council (HCHRSC) deals with human resource planning and development within the Nova Scotia health sector. By providing an objective focus in occupational and labour market analyses, sustaining collaborative linkages and performing research to understand developing health human resource challenges, we contribute to a viable, well trained health sector workforce.

We maintain close ties with health sector stakeholders such as employers, employees, industry organizations, regulatory bodies, educational institutions and government departments and related agencies.

Health Career Profiles

Browse our Health Care Career Profiles for valuable information before embarking on a health career path. Each career profile gives you an idea of the specific job duties, educational requirements, and related careers.

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Learning Opportunities

The HCHRSC is committed to providing pathways for employers and employees to build valuable skills that help to find new ways of working and recruiting in the modern workplace. We offer various workshops and training programs such as social media, diversity, leadership, and much more.

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Featured Project

Passport to a Diverse Workplace

The Passport to Diversity Project is a project of the IEHP – (Internationally Educated Health Professionals ) Atlantic Connection Phase 11 Project funded through the Health Canada , Health Care Strategies and Contribution Program in collaboration with the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council