Career Description

The paramedics of today work in several different practice environments including Collaborative Emergency Centres, Emergency Departments, Ground Ambulance, Air Medical Transport, Extended Care Paramedic Roles, Ambulance Communications, Land & Offshore Industrial Clinics, Educational & Research Institutions and other administrative roles.

The quality care provided by paramedics helps to improve the outcomes for individuals who experience a sudden illness or injury, or simply require ongoing care. Paramedics maybe in the forefront providing patient care, or in the background supporting those efforts. Their time and dedication to their communities provide a valuable ongoing contribution to our society.

Paramedics in Nova Scotia are licensed based upon one of four classes of licensure which include:

  • Primary Care Paramedics
  • Intermediate Care Paramedics
  • Advanced Care Paramedics
  • Critical Care Paramedics.

Each class of licensure has a competency profile that outlines the individual competencies that are applicable to that class of licensure. Primary Care Paramedics provide immediate stabilization to life threatening injuries or illnesses while each subsequent class of licensure will perform more advanced care based upon the competencies they are licensed to perform.

Once licensed paramedic practitioners are obligated to engage in a practice model that encourages the individual practitioner to, not only, remain current in their practice, but to enhance and expand upon their competency development.

Academic Requirements:

Will vary slightly based upon the Educational Institution’s requirements, but in general require an individual to:

  • Successfully complete grade 12 (Diploma or GED) with:
    • University preparatory Math in grade 11 or 12
    • University preparatory Science in grade 11 or 12
    • University preparatory English in grade 12
  • Be physically and mentally able to perform all required duties
  • Qualify for a license to operate an ambulance
  • Have all appropriate immunizations
  • Supply an acceptable criminal record check with vulnerable sector check

Educational Institutions:

Medavie HealthEd (NS)

Medavie Health Ed (NB)

Oulton College (NB)

Holland College (PE)

College of the North Atlantic (NL)

OLS Academy (NB)

Regulatory Authority

This career is regulated by the College of Paramedics of Nova Scotia (the College). To work as a paramedic in Nova Scotia an individual must be both registered and licensed with the College.

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