Career Description

Registered Nurses provide professional services to patients to maintain and restore health, and assist in the management of illness or injury. Registered Nurses work in many type of roles in a variety settings, including direct care provider, educator, consultant, administrator, researcher, and manager. Registered Nurses work in many settings including hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, and the community. They may specialize in areas such as the operating room, mental health emergency room, critical care, paediatrics, and public health. Registered Nurses may work as managers and administrators in direct care settings or in other roles in the health care system. RNs can work as educators and researchers as well.

Academic and Licensing Requirements

  • Completion of High School with the requisite academic courses (check each university)
  • Completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BScN)

Upon successful completion of a BScN program, an individual must successfully pass the registration examination.

To work as a Registered Nurse in Nova Scotia, an individual must meet the licensure set by the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia.

Where to study in Nova Scotia

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