An Orientation & Onboarding Resource for Employers of LTCAs in the Nova Scotia Long-Term Care Sector

An Overview of the Guide and How to Use it


This guide was developed to offer an orientation and onboarding resource to assist in building an effective orientation and onboarding program to employers within the long-term

care sector that employ Long-Term Care Assistants (LTCA).

The guide is research-based and evidence-informed. Feedback was obtained from a variety of stakeholders including the long-term care sector.

The guide is intended to be used by two end-users: the staff members of long-term care who have the responsibility to provide leadership to the organization’s overall onboarding

program such as administrators, managers, and human resources staff and those who have responsibility for the operational aspects of orientation and onboarding such as educators

and supervisors.

Onboarding differs between industries, organizations, and the role of the new hire within the organization. There are a variety of nursing homes and residential care facilities across Nova

Scotia ranging from single-digit to several hundred beds. Based on many factors organizations must decide what their orientation and onboarding program will look like. 

The guide outlines some recommended practices and organizations can determine what fits best within their specific organizations

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