WE CAN HELP. If you’re a Continuing Care or Disability Support professional, the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council can contribute to your personal and organizational success.

Council Clipboard, linked, is one of our most recent resources. It offers ways we can help in your daily work, and in your long-term planning. Please share with your colleagues!

. funding available for some programs, for some organizations
. Fall/Winter programs, including the new Mental Health First Aid
. Knowledge Hubs, centralized online resources
. new Orientation and Onboarding resources for Home Care and Disability Support

. our first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Liaison
. our new Labour Market Analyst
. Workforce Insights for the big picture across the province
. Careers in Care, matching employers with job seekers


Council Clipboard will be distributed three times this year. 
Comments? Let us know what you think: admin@hcsc.ca

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