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The CCA Program is hosting several CCA Placement Tools focus groups sessions. The goal of the sessions is to gather input for revisions to the placement tools from primary users: mentors and supervisors.  Our goal for the revision is to provide tools that simplify the placement process and provide clear expectations and guidelines. Draft revisions to the tools have been developed based on input from educators and health care providers at the CCA Program Stakeholder’s Forum.  This phase of the revision is focused on mentors, clinical instructors and the mentor’s supervisor; although others are certainly welcome.

The CCA Placement Tools include:

  • CCA Competency Assessment Tool (CAT)
  • CCA Placement Standards and Guidelines (Placement Roles & Responsibilities)

Advanced registration is appreciated as participant preparation would greatly improve the input the information gathering process.   Participants who register in advance will be emailed (or mailed) the draft placement tools. The purpose of this is to allow ample time for the participant to read through the tools and be equipped to share feedback during the session.  We can also email you the documents in advance if you wish to distribute.  Feedback outside of the focus group sessions is also welcome.

Please complete the Registration Form.  We encourage you to promote participation in the focus group sessions so your employee’s have the opportunity to shape the tools used in the CCA Program’s next curriculum revision.

The more feedback the better!

Thank you so much for helping us to evolve the CCA Program!

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