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Organizational Training Fund Submission

    The Department of Health and Wellness Continuing Care Branch has allocated funding in the 2019/20 fiscal year to support Organizational Training in the Home Support Sector. The fund is administered by the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council and is open to Home Support Organizations funded through the Department of Health and Wellness.

    The purpose of the funding is to support organizations to:
    • Foster skills in your organization that will support practices in client care, improve productivity and quality of work life
    • Increase innovation in recruitment and retention
    • Support leadership and staff development to meet the needs of the sector
    • Adapt to new technology, equipment, or work processes
    • Foster workplace diversity
    • Other training that will benefit your organization and that is not typically funded through other Department of Health and Wellness programs.

    The following types of training are not eligible:
    • Legislated or regulated mandatory training
    • Informal training, and/or training by internal staff or trainers
    • Training included in the purchase of equipment or new business processes

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