Training Fund Submission Forms

  1.  Continuing Care Safety Training Fund 2021-2022

    • The Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) is providing funding to assist Continuing Care Providers in attending workplace safety related training and education opportunities in 21/22 to support the safe delivery of care in continuing care environments. This funding addresses recommendations within Charting the Course, Workplace Safety Action Plan. Please see below for detailed information.¬†

To submit a safety training application please CLICK HERE.


 2. Organizational Training for Home Support Sector 2020/2021

    • The Department of Health and Wellness Continuing Care Branch has allocated funding in the 2020/21 fiscal year to support Organizational Training in the Home Support Sector. The fund is administered by the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council and is open to Home Support Organizations funded through the Department of Health and Wellness. For more information and to submit a training fund application please CLICK HERE