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The Working Mind (TWM)Training 2021

Employer Information

Background Information

The Health Care Human Resource Sector Council (the Council) is pleased to announce that we have received funding from the NS Department of Health and Wellness to support the delivery of The Working Mind (TWM)Mental Health training for the upcoming fiscal year (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022).

The Working Mind programs are open to all staff working in DHW- funded Continuing Care organizations as well as organizations under the Disability Supports Program.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of many if not all Nova Scotians. Providing training on mental health to help employees cope and manage stress and anxiety remains of the utmost importance.

The Council is pleased to be able to continue to provide the Virtual TWM training to both the Continuing Care and Disability Supports sectors during the Winter 2021. Please see references for the Employer Information, Participant Information and the Training Expense Reimbursement Criteria.

What will the Virtual TWM program look like?

  1. A) Certified Virtual TWM instructors will provide the training using Zoom as the platform for online training.
  2. B) There are 2 versions of the program.

Managers/Supervisors Program- this training is for anyone who is in a manager/ supervisor position or other members of your leadership team such as Organizational Health, HR, and Educators. Many organizations also include their RN/LNS as they are often in leadership positions within the organization.

The Manager training is a full 8 hours of training that will be broken down into two (2) 4-hour sessions on separate days.

Employees Program- this training is for all other employees.

The employee training is for a total of 5 ½ hours and will take place all in one day.


It is strongly recommended that at least some managers/ supervisors attend the training before your other employees. This enables them to have an awareness of the content and to be in a better position to support their employees.

The MHCC requirements are that each participant completes the required training within a two (2) week time period. They also require that participants remain with their specific “training cohort” when the training is delivered in more than one (1) session.

Employees must attend the full 51/2 hours of training to receive a certificate of completion from the MHCC.

Employer Responsibilities

  1. Please designate 1 (one) contact person to be the coordinator for your organization and to liaise directly with your staff and the Council’s TWM Project Coordinator.
  2. The organizational coordinator is responsible for:
  3. A) Communicating directly with the Council’s Project Coordinator and your staff participating in the training.
  4. B) Registering your staff to attend the training directly with the Council’s Project Coordinator at no later than 2 weeks before the training dates. Note that space is more limited with virtual training so it is best to register early.
  5. C) Provide the Council’s Project Coordinator with the required information on each participant including full name, position in the organization, and a valid e-mail address. Note: each participant must have a valid e-mail address to receive their certificate and link for the free Booster session from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.
  6. D) Distribute and ensure that your staff has the required materials printed BEFORE participating in the training (no later than a week before the training is recommended). All materials are attached to this memo.
  • A copy of either the TWM Employee Course Handout or the TWM Manager/Supervisor Course Handout (as applicable to the training they are taking.)
  • A copy of the TWM Virtual Pocket Card.
  • A copy of the TWM Participant Information Handout. Please review with your staff before they participate in the training.
  • The invitation to join the Zoom training.

NOTE it is very important that each participant has access to the PRINTED materials during the training to facilitate participation and learning.

Other details

Participants are limited to 12 per session plus two instructors.

The platform that will be used to deliver this training is Zoom. Participants are not required to have a Zoom account to access this training but will be prompted to download Zoom once they log on. Therefore it may be easier for them to download Zoom before the training begins.

Next steps

Please contact the Project Coordinator with the number of staff you would like to register for the training.

Contact information

If you have any questions or inquiries call or e-mail Debbie Stewart, TWM Project Co-ordinator at or 902-789-2403.