Reimbursement of Training Expenses Guidelines 2024-2025

Funds are available from the Department of Seniors and Long-term Care to support the in-house coordinated training of the delivery of the Advanced Gerontological Education (AGE)- GPA ( Gentle Persuasive Approaches) Program.

  1. Salary costs- Funding is available on a bill-back basis and is intended to cover the reimbursement of the salary costs (hourly rate plus MERCs) for both the training participants and the in-house coaches. Staffing costs will be approved as per the Department of Seniors and Long-term Care Average Salary Range for the sector. Staffing costs will be reimbursed for the actual length of the training session.
  2. Participant Manuals- employers can apply to be reimbursed for the cost of GPA program course manuals following completion of a scheduled in-house GPA Basics or iGPA program.
  3. Training subsidies -for those pre-approved employees attending the in-person certified coaches training

Reimbursement is only applicable to those participants that are travelling to the training venue outside of the HRM

Maximum subsidy is $600.00 per participant

Applicants (Coaches) coordinate their training subsidy reimbursement within their respective organizations and are reimbursed directly through their organization as per their usual travel expense policies

Alcohol is not eligible for reimbursement

The organization applies for reimbursement of appropriate travel expenses following completion of the GPA coaches training through the HCSC GPA portal

All receipts must be attached to the application including a breakdown of HST

You can request a copy of the GPA Expense form from


Request for reimbursement of expenses will be submitted by the Organization to the Health + Community Care Workforce Sector Council for approval as follows:

  1. Applications for all expense reimbursement will be approved subject to budget availability and will consider equal distribution across the sector.
  2. To claim staff salary reimbursement costs and coach expenses, organizations must submit reimbursement forms “GPA Salary Reimbursement Claim” and “GPA Coach Expense Claim” via the training portal attaching any receipts.
  3. To claim reimbursements for participant manuals please also submit invoices via the training portal
  4. Organizations MUST make their requests for reimbursement within two (2) weeks after the training completion date.
  5. Individual participant claims will NOT be accepted.
  6. Reimbursement will be sent to the Organization via Electronic Fund Transfer payments within 14 days of submission and approval of the Reimbursement Form.
  7. Questions can be forwarded to Joanne Jones, at

Please note our website is being updated but currently shows our previous name Health Care Human Resource Sector Council

April 2024

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