International Resident Assessment Instrument for Long-Term Care Facilities (interRAI-LTCF)

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The project team supporting the implementation of the International Resident Assessment Instrument for Long-Term Care Facilities (interRAI-LTCF) in nursing homes in Nova Scotia has asked us for assistance. They are looking for participants to attend their Requirements Gathering workshops during March and April.  These sessions will allow their team to include our input in the selection of technology to support the electronic capture and management of resident assessments. Workshop registration information is included below.

interRAI-LTCF will allow health professionals to complete standardized assessments of nursing home residents. It will help staff identify important health issues among residents, develop appropriate care plans, and monitor resident progress or changes in their health on an on-going basis.  Please note that the interRAI-LTCF will not be used to assess RCF residents – just those in nursing homes.

interRAI-LTCF will also support consistent collection of assessment data in facilities across the Province. The data will be used to measure quality and areas for improvement and will be shared with the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) to support national reporting on LTC sector performance.

During each 3-hour workshop, the project team will:

  • Provide a project overview;
  • Describe the interRAI-LTCF assessment instrument;
  • Ask for participants’ input on requirements for:
    • Collecting documents and other information during initial resident placement;
    • Exchanging of information between facilities when a resident transfers;
    • Assessing a resident, including using Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPS), Scales, Quality Indicators, etc.;
    • Building and managing a care plan for a resident;
    • Using the technology itself (e.g. how can the new software make it easy to collect assessment information, how quickly can I do what I need to do); and,
    • Reporting needs.

To provide varying perspectives on these topics, participants should come from a mix of:

  • roles (e.g. facility administrators, Registered Nurses, and other allied health professionals who would be involved in resident assessments);
  • large and small facilities;
  • urban and rural locations; and,
  • those who are familiar with resident assessment software solutions, and those who are not.

Please consider this mix when selecting representatives for the workshops.

There will be 2 workshops each day in the following locations. The project team’s goal is to meet with participants with no prior resident assessment software experience in the morning (AM) session, and those with resident assessment software experience in the afternoon (PM). Of course, the team is flexible to accommodate your schedule regardless of your experience level with resident assessment software. The target is to have approximately 10 participants in each session, but this can vary depending on demand. In the case of cancellation due to weather, workshops will be rescheduled.

New Glasgow Mar. 13    
Sydney Mar. 25 Port Hawkesbury Mar. 26 Halifax Mar. 27 Halifax Mar. 28
Truro Apr. 1 Kentville Apr. 2 Yarmouth Apr. 3 Bridgewater Apr. 4


To register, please email Ray Cook of the project team at by Monday, March 11th with the information indicated below. The project team will respond to each participant directly confirming date, time and venue of each workshop.

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Once the project team completes all requirements gathering workshops (with your participation) they will use this information to support the selection of an assessment software package. They have promised to keep us up to date on the project’s progress.

Thanks for your assistance. If you have any questions, please contact Ray Cook of the project team at .