CS – Things to consider

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Things to consider:

A number of agencies across the province provide services for the Department and they employ Community/Residential care workers (RCW). These workers support people with disabilities who need varying level of assistance. They carry a tremendous amount of responsibility, both regarding the persons to whom they provide support and concerning the tasks they are completing. Belief in the rights of people living with life challenges, the principles of inclusion, a person-centred approach, and seeing a person’s gifts and possible ways they may contribute are essential to the care worker.

The RCW worker assists individuals with special needs, such as those with behavioral or mental health disorders, intellectual or developmental disabilities.  Activities of the job may take place in small residential homes, larger group homes or may take a more individualized form of work, such as employment support.  It is vital that there is a good match between clients and their care workers to allow a positive working relationship.

A person’s beliefs, values, and attitudes play an important part in the employers’ consideration and decision to recruit workers.¬† Additionally, prospective workers must have a Criminal Record and a Vulnerable Sector (VS) check completed.