Things to Consider

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Things to consider:

Several agencies provide services for the Department of Health and Wellness. These organizations employ many caregivers, primarily Continuing Care Assistants (CCA), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Registered Nurses (RN). Each role in continuing care has its specific demands on your interests, abilities, and education, but some qualities are necessary for all. You must be cooperative, mature, responsible, and accountable to work well in these roles.

You may be working one-on-one with a person or assisting other care providers, but you are still part of a team and will work primarily in a policy supported and reasonably structured environment.¬† It’s important to feel comfortable expressing yourself and your opinions to others and to be able to consider their ideas. Most importantly you must remember that the wellbeing of the person receiving care is the most important goal, so cooperation is a necessity in caregiving. You will have to be mature and responsible for your actions because people depend on you.

As a care provider you will be working with people at different stages of their lives, and deal with individuals who are ageing, debilitated, ill, or undergoing rehabilitation.  You may be working in a nursing home, a residential care facility or a private residence.

All workers will be asked to  complete Criminal Record and a Vulnerable Sector (VS) checks by their educational institution, their licensing body or by the prospective employer.