Community Services – Good Fit

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Do you still think a career in the Community Services sector may be a good fit for you?  

Visit the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council career pages to discover more about the Resident Care Worker, educational and other requirements.

To discover information about the labour market and pay scales for this type of work in Nova Scotia visit Careers Nova Scotia. See Social and Community Service Workers and Instructors of Persons With Disabilities

Visit the Government of Nova Scotia Department of Community Services website to learn about programs and services available through the Disability Support Program.

Explore Employer Profiles on the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council website to find organizations close to you.

Are you interested but still not entirely sure if this is the right career path for you?

You can talk to people in your community that work in community care. Ask them about their jobs; speak to your school career counselor about job shadowing in a community care setting; talk to friends or relatives that work in community care. You too may choose to care!

Are you interested but not ready to fully commit?

There are other options available in acute or continuing care sectors that may also be suitable for you. Surf the continuing care section of this webpage and visit the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council career pages to see if there is a better fit for your interests and talents. Very likely there will be a fit for you somewhere in the continuing or community care sectors or in acute healthcare!