Health Career Profiles

Medical Lab Assistant

Career Description

Medical laboratory assistants (MLA) are an integral member of the health care profession who work under the guidance of a medical laboratory technologist. MLAs are part of the frontline laboratory staff who contribute to effective patient care. Interaction with patient and other healthcare professionals is a key role, and therefore require MLAs to have strong communication skills, demonstrate professionalism and cultural awareness and safety.

The responsibilities of the medical laboratory assistant is to follow established protocols and safety guidelines to assist on the pre-analytical components of laboratory procedures and can vary from collecting various specimens such as blood (phlebotomy) and urine specimens, process and prepare specimens, data entry, clerical and reception duties, sorting, receiving and transporting specimens, specialized plating, loading analyzers and various other pre-analytical procedures.

Medical laboratory Assistants should expect to work shift work, and weekends.

Academic Requirements

    • High School Diploma or Equivalency
    • Geometry and Applications in Mathematics 112
    • Functions and Relations 112

And one additional science from the following:

  • Biology 112 or 122;
  • Chemistry 112 or 122;
  • Physics 112 or 122

Where to study

CBBC Career College offers an accredited MLA program periodically in Halifax and Cape Breton.

link of accreditation below: