Career Exploration Tool

Career Toolkit For Continuing and Community Care

This Information package has been designed to introduce you, the Career Practitioner, to a new resource available in Nova Scotia. This kit has four folders containing information about: Careers in Continuing Care; Careers in Community Care, Resources and Promotional & Other Material. Each folder includes a table of contents and handouts that you can distribute to clients to introduce them to online resources with more information about careers in these sectors. Additional handouts can be printed here, and brochures and postcards may also be ordered, free of charge.

For Download:

Folder One: Continuing Care

Table of Contents

Continuing Care Information

Career Videos



Folder Two: Community Care

Table of Contents

Community Care Information

Career Videos


Folder Three: Resources

Table of Contents

Navigating the Website

Computer Access Sites / Nova Scotia Works Offices


Folder Four: Promotional Materials

Table of Contents

Helpful Links

Career Brochures


To download the entire package of documents:


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