Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Van Zoost, Chris
Representing Nova Scotia Nurses Union
Appointed By: Nova Scotia Nurses Union

Peck, Sheila
Vice Chair
Representing Nursing Homes/Homes for the Aged
Appointed By: CCANS

Jones, Janice
Representing Allied Health Professions
Appointed By: Nova Scotia College of Medical Laboratory Technologists

Everest, Janet
Executive Director

Board Directors

Jack, Barry – June 2017
Representing Community Based Options
Appointed By: NS Residential Agencies Association

White, Kelly – June 2018
Representing Adult Residential Care
Appointed By: ARC/RRC

Fenton, Lynette – June 2019
Appointed By: Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Doyle, Ashlee – June 2019
Representing Home Support
Appointed By: Home Care Network

Member At Large

Resource Members

Savage, Sarah
Nova Scotia Department Of Health And Wellness, Workforce Planning

Brown, Joe
Department of Labour & Advanced Education

Landry, Kim
NS Department of Community Services