Microcredentials at Mount Saint Vincent University

As the demands of the world continue to shift and evolve, employees need to continue developing their skills and workplace competencies. Microcredentials represent the achievement of very specific skills or competencies valued by employers, and are developed in collaboration with various industries to provide you with the skills that are in demand within your industry.

What is a microcredential?

A microcredential is a short, focused learning program that offers individuals the opportunity to gain specific skills and knowledge in a particular area. Unlike traditional degrees or certifications, microcredentials are non-credit courses that can be completed in a shorter period, ranging from a few weeks to a few months.

By earning a microcredential, you leave your learning experience confident in your ability to successfully demonstrate specific skills which will greatly enhance your cv. Each microcredential comes with a digital badge that serves as a validated proof of completion of the course.

Microcredentials offered

This fall, we’re pleased to offer two microcredentials:

Registration and Payment

Registration deadline for the “Continue Caring” microcredential is October 10, 2023. The Registration Deadline for the “Case Management Fundamentals” microcredential is October 11, 2023. Payment in full is required at registration.

Late registrations may be considered. Please contact microcredentials@msvu.ca for more information.

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Email: microcredentials@msvu.ca

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