RE: Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Wage Funding Increase

The Department has been authorized to immediately provide additional funding to allow
for an increase in compensation for publicly funded CCA positions. The increase in
funding will bring funding for the annual compensation of CCAs to $48,419.

This funding increase is effective February 10, 2022 and applies to both non-union and
unionized CCAs. If your CCAs are unionized, please work with your union to execute a
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to establish a wage scale inclusive of this increase
in funding effective February 10, 2022 and submit a signed copy to the Department to
ensure a timely release of funding. These should be sent to Cathy Wiley via email. It is not necessary to conclude a complete
collective agreement in order to receive the funding increase for the CCA classification.
For unionized Employers, negotiations are encouraged and expected to continue with
any future economic increases negotiated in addition to additional funding provided to
the CCA classification. For non-union Employers, economic adjustments, as stipulated
in the Administrative Directive, will continue to apply to the CCA classification.
For your ease of reference, a sample revised annual wage scale reflective of the
classification investment has been provided below:

Annual rates
Step 1 $44,660
Step 2 $45,572
Step 3 $46,502
Step 4 $47,451
Step 5 $48,419

The funding change will be implemented in the bi-weekly payments within 2-4 weeks upon
receiving the relevant MOA and will be incorporated into the fiscal 2022-23 budget.

If you have any questions around the implementation of this funding adjustment for your
organization, please contact Kavita Shinde at

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